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Laser equipment which is used as a dermal product or a device to eliminate skin problem is known as a dermal laser. Laser is a effective and more faster way of treatment than conventional methods, laser are usually used for addressing condition on the front lair of our skin. Usually this treatment eliminates the thin layer of abnormal skin to create new texture to deliver a youthful appearance. Some time this treatment can provide surprising results because laser can be administered with great precision of depth. The process is achieved with highly qualified doctors or operators and can be custom tailored to someone’s specific skin conditions and desired outcome. Whole body can be treated by laser treatment but mostly people like to operate laser seasons on their areas such as face, neck, and some people also treat the chest and hands too.

The following problems are mostly treated by a laser treatment:
  • Acne
  • Scars
  • Sun Burns
  • Mild wrinkles
  • Hair removal
  • Pigment problems
How Laser Treatment Works
For the treatment laser beam is scanned over a targeted area to precisely vaporize a very thin layer of effected skin, removing old, damaged tissue. Removing the top layer eliminates some of the damaged cells that can give skin a tired, aged look such as superficial blemishes and pigment irregularities. As the skin heals, fresh cells grow and resurface the treated area. The result is healthier-looking skin, often with reduced wrinkles and improved color evenness. Patients often say that it looks like their skin went from looking tired to vibrant. Actually laser treatment therapy combines bi-polar radio frequency (RF) and blue light. This light spectrum and frequency are used to treat specific “target” conditions of the skin to destroy the active bacteria and slowing excessive oil production and damaged tissue, on the other hand it active the healing process of pre-existing skin problem for leaving the skin with better texture.
Side Effect of Laser Treatment
Every one should remember that in this world nothing can deliver you one sided effect, and that’s how laser therapy also got some problems too.

*As because the laser treatment depends on several sessions it is a time consuming dermal option but the number of sessions depends on problem and skin type.

* For the wrinkles and acne marks laser therapy usually can’t provide a vast solution especially when the skin is old and the acne colors are almost the same as your skin but in this case one can try pulsed laser dye which can detect faded, flesh-colored marks. Pulsed laser is a modern version of conventional lasers and it can serve much more than normal therapies.

 * Although most laser practitioners claim that laser treatment is free of side effects but everyone also need to deal with blistering, bruising, scarring or swelling of the effected area. It is possible that changes can be seen when the pigmentation is taking place on the speechified area.

*The laser therapy can turn out to be a costly decision, for laser treatment cost depends on sessions and in USA each session can cost one more then $500 to $2000 some time even more. The whole cost depends on the problem.

*There is no certified prove that can clime that laser treatments doesn’t cause harm to our skin and make permanent solution. While there is also no clinical document that is can’t give permanent solution.
* Laser treatments for laser hair removal don't repair damaged tissues or scars even the defected veins. It removes hair through extreme heat. So, it will be foolishness to expecting too much improvement from it.

* Be care full with your therapist because if the parson isn’t well qualified then he or she can burn you by the laser vim that’s why, check that the therapist you are using have a certificate of laser hair removal courses

Actually a massage chair is a mechanical device which depends on bunch of rollers, vibrates, motors and gear mechanisms. This kind of chair usually doesn’t used to have very sophisticated mechanism because massage chair was invented fifty years a go by a dermal therapist to provided normal massage to a large amount consumer in a same time, but at this decade the sophistication of massage is growing along with its services and price.  

Usually a normal massage chair delivers a series of kindling rubbing and rolling to serve massage. To make the rolling, companies use some small devices that contain a weighted wheel and for rubbing and kindling manufacturers use few motors and vibrating gears. When a massage chair’s electric motor rotates the wheel rapidly, the rotation create a vast amount of vibration and roll the robotic hand of massage chair, but the weight isn't centered on the wheel cause weight can make the wheel unbalanced and create hazard for a smooth massage this thing work similar as our cell Phone’s vibration method but the only deference is massage chair use several of these equipments to generate rolling across its surface without unbalancing the entire chair. While massage chair manufacturers use the exact same design, there are some general design techniques that apply to most companies. If anyone one want to see the system of motors, gears and rollers he can uncover the upholstery of the chair, strip away the frame that supports a system of its gears.
For a massage human touch is best but massage chair try to copy that by a roller which is powered by Electric motors. A roller acts like a robotic hand. The gears off a roller move in patterns determined by the structure of the frame to promote rolling and kindling. Some low price massage chairs have rollers but with a limited range of motion, this kind of massage tool can only deliver up and down through the back of chair because they travel along a track attached to the frame.

Now days we have massage chairs with more sophisticated designs and complex technique of massage over those chairs manufacturers installed the rollers as a very effective mechanical arm that can move laterally as well as vertically, this mean it can revolve left and right, or even in circles along with up and down moving methods, but still this movement is powered by few electric motors. A microprocessor in the massage chair stores recorded patterns the manufacturer pre-programs into the chair

Few manufacturers allow their customers to adjust the intensity of massage therapy. In a conventional massage chair there were only two main ways to adjust the how far the mechanical hand or roller moves away from the frame in massage mode. The second adjustment is to mount the frame on a pivot in the backrest, allowing it to move further away or closer from the user's back intensively. Some massage chairs have a motorized reclining system because manufacturers have to design electrical and mechanical systems that can operate in multiple positions. By this a user can change the chair's position by pressing a button on the massage chair's control system and Titan have manage to install mobile phone app for controlling every thing it. Other chairs require the user to pull a release handle before physically pushing back against the backrest of the chair.

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